1. What is Tandem?

Tandem is a global P2P trading platform that makes buying and selling Bitcoin/crypto easy.

2. How does Tandem work?

Tandem is a P2P platform that connects users who wish to trade, transact or convert crypto to fiat (local currency) and fiat (local currency) to crypto.

2 simple things you can do with Tandem P2P:
  • Buy crypto with fiat (local currency)
  • Sell crypto into fiat (local currency)
Broadly, here's how Tandem’s P2P works -
  • Tandem matches the person looking to buy crypto for fiat (local currency) with someone who’s looking to sell crypto for fiat (local currency)
  • Tandem escrows the crypto for safekeeping during the transaction
  • Buyer transfers fiat (local currency) to the seller's bank account (we will enable other payment options in due course of time)
  • Seller confirms payment and Tandem releases the crypto to the buyer

3. Why should I use Tandem?

Tandem enables all our users with a simple and user-friendly interface to buy and sell crypto.

  • A feature-rich mobile app that gives the user an option to transact on the go.
  • A hassle free sign up with just email ID verification.
  • An easy interface for both new and experienced users.
  • “No advertising fee” allows the user to create multiple orders.

4. How do I start Trading?

Sign up → Email Verification → Select from Buy/ Sell Option.

Buy Order:

  • Buyer can create a fresh buy order or match an existing order from the seller.
  • After creating an order the buyer needs to wait for a seller to match his order i.e., a seller should be ready to sell his crypto to the buyer.
  • Once the order matches and after the seller transfers the crypto in escrow, Buyer would need to send fiat (local currency) to seller’s bank account.
  • After the seller confirms, crypto will be released from the escrow to the buyer’s wallet
  • Transaction complete.

Sell Order:

  • User can create a sell order or match an existing buy order.
  • After creating an order, the seller needs to wait for a buyer to match his order i.e., a buyer should be ready to buy crypto from the seller.
  • Once the order matches and after the seller transfers the crypto in escrow, buyer would need to send fiat (local currency) to seller’s bank account.
  • After the seller confirms, crypto will be released from the Escrow to the buyer’s wallet.
  • Transaction completed.

5. What is the Fee Structure on Tandem?

Fee Schedule and Daily Transaction Limit:

KYC Level KYC Level 1 KYC Level 2
Documents Email ID Verification Photo ID Verification
Daily Transaction Limit 1 BTC (Buy+Sell) Unlimited
Fee Maker: 0.3%
Taker: 0.6%
Maker: 0%
Taker: 0.2%
Referral Incentive 50% 50%

6. What are the fiat (local currencies) that can be exchanged on Tandem?

There are currently 5 fiat (local currencies) available:

  • AED - United Arab Emirates Dirham
  • AUD - Australian Dollar
  • GBP - Great British Pound
  • INR - Indian Rupee
  • USD - United States Dollar

More fiat/local currencies to be added with time. Looking forward to support more than 30+ fiat/local currencies. If you would like more currencies to be added, please write to us info@jointandem.io


1. What is 2FA?

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is an advanced level of security which makes it harder to gain access to your account.

Go to Settings → Security → Switch on/ Toggle on 2FA →Enter 6 digit OTP → Verify

Are you holding my funds?

Tandem does not hold any fiat (local currency). It is also not necessary to hold crypto funds on Tandem. User who wants to sell Crypto should add their bank details for the buyer to transfer the fiat (local currency).

Seller has two options while selling the Crypto :

Locking in Tandem Wallet:

Seller can put the Crypto in Tandem wallet while creating the order. In this scenario the quantity of Crypto for which he is creating a ‘Sell Order’ will be locked. Once all the requirements are met by both the parties, Crypto will be transferred to the buyer. In case, the transaction does not work out at any stage, the Crypto will be unlocked. Please note that once the Buyer has transferred the fiat (local currency) in Seller’s bank account, the transaction from Seller’s side cannot be cancelled.

Crypto in Escrow:

The Seller can transfer crypto from external wallet to the escrow wallet. An escrow is created by default when the Seller creates an order. The escrow wallet holds the Crypto and the same is released once the Buyer transfers the fiat (local currency) and Seller confirms it.

Bottomline: We encourage users to withdraw funds into their external wallets but also provide them with a Tandem wallet should they want to retain their funds on the platform.

3. Is Tandem Safe?

Absolutely! Tandem has a ‘Crypto in Escrow’ system to make the entire transaction secure so neither party can cheat the other. In this escrow system, the seller's crypto will be transferred only when the transaction is successfully completed and the payment is confirmed.

If you’re a Seller: The Crypto in escrow will only be released to the buyer only after your confirmation of fiat / local currency receipt (in your bank account).

If you're a Buyer: You will receive the crypto in your wallet only after the fiat / local currency is deposited in the seller’s bank account.

4. How are disputes resolved?

In case of any disputes that cannot be resolved between the parties, you can write to us on support@jointandem.io and we will revert to you in 24 hours. Further on this the support manager will study the case, and give you further instructions in order to resolve dispute.


1. How to Create Order?


  • On the home screen choose P2P
  • Select the fiat/local currency of BTC you want to buy/sell. Also mention the limit (minimum and maximum).

  • Click on the Review button. This displays your buy/sell order summary.

Currently, we offer only BTC(Bitcoin) in crypto. Other crypto will be added eventually.

2. What is the minimum amount of Bitcoin I can buy/sell?

Minimum and maximum limits are set by users on their created orders. Tandem does not set any limits.

3. What are My Orders?

My orders display the orders you have created for buying or selling. Further, you can check the status of your order by selecting any of the options from the dropdown.

4. How can I view the status of the order?

On the Home Screen:

  • Click on My order > Select the Order type (All Orders Default)
  • You can see the status of Orders.

5. How do I Match Order?

On the Buy Screen:

If you wish to Buy BTC.

  • Choose the currency(fiat) type you would like to buy BTC.
  • You will sell the list of users who are willing to sell BTC at specific prices within a specific limit.
  • Select a particular trade that you prefer.
  • You will reach a window “Match order”.
  • Enter the amount you wish to Buy.
  • Click “I’m Interested”.

To Confirm Order:

  • Select the bank you would like the funds to be withdrawn from.
  • Check the “I agree to the terms of use” Box.
  • Sent.

On the Sell Screen:

If you wish to sell BTC

  • Choose the currency(fiat) type you would like to sell BTC.
  • You will sell the list of users who are willing to buy BTC at specific prices within a specific limit.
  • Select a particular trade that you prefer.
  • You will reach a window “Match order”.
  • Enter the amount you wish to Sell.
  • Click “I’m Interested”.

To Confirm Order:

  • Select the Wallet you from which funds will be withdrawn
  • Check the “I agree to the terms of use” Box
  • Click “Sent Crypto In Escrow”

6. What are the different kinds of orders?

There are 6 types in the “My Order” screen:

All Orders - User can check all the orders here at any stage of the transaction.

New Order - User can check the orders created and waiting for a match.

Received Interest - Once an order is matched with the prospective Buyer/Seller, user will get notified.

Crypto in Escrow - After the seller has transferred Crypto in Escrow, Buyer will get the notification in this tab along with an option to pay fiat/local currency.

Fiat Transferred - Once the Buyer sends the amount and clicks on ‘Fiat Transferred', the order will show here. For the Seller, the order will show under this status after confirmation by clicking on ‘Fiat received’.

Completed - All transactions that are executed are shown here i.e., Fiat/local currency received or crypto received by both the parties.

Cancelled - This means that the order was not executed.

7. Why was my order cancelled?

The reasons due to which your order were cancelled can be because:
  • Lack of sufficient funds
  • Order expired
  • Buyer or Seller gets the option to cancel the order till the time either party has not transferred BTC/fiat (local currency).
  • Bank transfer should be initiated within 90 minutes of matching the order. Else the order will be deemed as cancelled from the Buyer's side and BTC will be released back to the Seller
    1. If in tandem wallet, the amount would be unlocked
    2. b. If in escrow, an option to seller (transfer to tandem wallet or external wallet)

In case of any queries, please reach out to info@jointandem.io

8. Are there any daily transaction limits on Tandem?

For non-KYC’d users the daily transaction limit is only 1 BTC.

There are no limits for KYC’d users.


1. How can I deposit BTC?

Tandem wallet works similar to other cryptocurrency wallets wherein:

Click on Deposit → Copy the wallet address → Transfer the funds from the source by putting the wallet address there.

2. How can I withdraw my funds?

Click on Withdraw → Put the wallet address where you want to transfer the Crypto → Done

3. How should I add bank account?

Go to Settings → Bank → Add New Bank - Enter details → Submit

4. How can I transfer fiat/local currency to the Seller?

  • You can see the bank details (we will introduce other payment modes soon) of the Seller while matching the order.
  • Take the details from the screen and deposit funds.
  • Once you have deposited the funds:

Go to My Orders and click on 'Fiat Transferred' for the confirmation.

Note: The transfer of funds from your bank account should be within 90 minutes or your order will be expired.

Also, for seamless transaction we always lock the seller’s crypto once the order is created.

5. What should the Seller do after receiving funds from the Buyer?

Steps for the Seller to complete transaction:

  • Once the Buyer sends the funds. Seller will have to confirm the receipt of the fiat/local currency.

My Orders → Fiat Transferred → ‘Received Fiat’

  • Once the Seller receives fiat/local currency, the BTC will be released from the Tandem wallet or Escrow to the Buyer's wallet address.

6. Should I complete KYC to start trading?

Any transaction that is more than 1 BTC will require KYC verification. The user is required to complete the following:

Go to Settings → KYC → Complete Email Verification → Complete Account Verification → Complete 2FA